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Dawn chorus, owl spotting and nature walk free event!

Join us on the hill the evening of the 11th of May for some owl spotting; camp in the field, wake up to the dawn chorus, potluck breakfast over a fire followed by a foraging and biodiversity walk. We might even do a bit of a foraged food cook up for lunch.
long eared own at dusk, dawn chorus

Booking form: Dawn Chorus

National Dawn Chorus Day Event!

This is a free event, we therefore need to inform you that if you come along, you do so at your own risk

Boring stuff out of the way, we would like to invite you and your family or friends to come along and hang out a bit with the owls, bats, bees, birds and biodiversity that is going on here in beautiful North Tipperary. We are situated down a country road on the eastern edge of the Silvermines hills.

We have a lovely field in which to camp, hopefully a compost loo in the field too (if anyone is interested in coming along early on Saturday to help build a compost loo, that will be great, let me know in your acceptance correspondence) The owl show starts around 21.30 and lasts maybe 10 minutes. Bats also feature strongly in the owl show; It is always an improv show, though I will be around to interpret it to the best of my knowledge. I suggest you arrive well before this so that you can set yourself up and that we can have minimum of bustle during the show.

We hope to have a fire pit close to the camping area and we will supply firewood for late night teas, drinks and chats. The dawn chorus should be great, there are loads of bird species here, tits, blackbirds, ravens, other corvids, tree creepers, chaffinches, pheasant, gold crests, wrens, doves, thrushes, jays and loads of others.

After breakfast on the 12th we hope to show you the other biodiversity round here, the solitary bees, the honey bees, the plants, the edible plants, the toxic plants, the baby goats.

Bring breakfast and coffee to share. We may be able to supply some super fresh goats milk.

This is a free event, but please book your place using the booking form. Please beware that we may need to cancel the event in case of foul weather. Also, the owl show does not happen if it is pouring rain. Once you have booked, I will send you an email with our eircode.

Looking forward to see you.

Zaneta & everyone here at Iris Cottage