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Hedgerow Drinks Workshop

Suitable for over 18's, this workshop delves into the delightfulness of wild plants and their usefulness in making cleansing and healthy teas, coffee substitutes, cordials, liqueurs and fermentations. Each workshop will make the most of what the season has to offer.
wild tea, country wine, fruit vinegar, liqueur

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This fun, informative workshop covers a range of different beverage making skills. From wild and cultured brewing to berry liqueurs, hedgerow cordials; caffeine free coffee substitutes; wild teas and a host of surprises. This workshop will take around three hours with plenty of hands-on demonstration and samples to try. Great for groups of 6 – 12 people. Suitable as corporate team activities, community groups and stag/ hen parties.

All materials and samples will be supplied, together with PDF recipes for all of the material covered.

Use the contact form to organise a Wild Drinks Workshop for your group,  please incude the estimated number of participants and a phone number if you prefer to be contacted by phone.