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Rerooting the Future is delighted to be able to offer the following packages to schools at a hugely reduced price. We can do this because we believe that young people should know how to cook healthy food and be able to repair their clothes. These are skills that will help them through college and into their lives as adults. All of the workshops in this selection are particularly suitable for transition year and 5th year students. The guided foraging walks can be tailored for students of all ages. Please get in touch if any of these workshops will be of value to your students.
Seasonal foraging walks

Guided Foraging Walks and Wild Food Workshops

Wild food foraging is about respectfully celebrating and embracing the wild, neglected and uncommon edibles that are in our landscape: From wild garlic and tender Spring greens; the heady flowers of Summer and the bounty of Autumn fruits. Foraging for wild plants sets up a framework for nature connection upon which participants can build a deeper understanding of the natural world. These classes and walks will provide participants with the tools with which to better appreciate the plants that make up our beautiful countryside.

One and a half hour guided foraging walk with wild tea and cookies at a venue close to your school: €250 (max 30)

Two hours: Guided foraging walk and cooking demo in home economics room or al fresco €300 (max 30)

Low waste cooking zero waste kitchen

Low Waste Cooking Workshop

This workshop will equip students with a resource capture mindset. Low waste cooking is about using all of the food that is brought into the home in such a way that none of it is wasted and all of the nutrients are captured. This mindset helps reduce food waste, saves money, for creativity in the kitchen and builds personal resourcefulness.  This workshop will deal with making stock, creating magnificent dishes using unexpected by- products and exploring ways to use sour milk.

Two hour workshop in home economics room €325 (max 30 participants)

living on a budget, veg from allotment

Student Meals on a Budget

This workshop will teach students tricks on how to live well and cook healthy food while on a budget. As a college student, I remember cooking healthy dinners in the same time it took for my housemates to get a takeaway. I believe that it is possible to live well on a food budget of less than €10 a day and I want to share this with those who will need those skills in order to minimise post- college student debt. Students will learn about nutrition, meal plans and cooking balanced, interesting meals.

Two hour workshop in Home Economics Room €325 (max 30  participants)

Zip repair, buttons, clothing upcycling

Easy Clothes Repair and Upcycling

Most zip problems are super easy to fix, when you know how, buttons are easy to replace and darning skills can be acquired. This workshop will challenge the student to rethink the throw-away culture that we live in. They will learn how to fix zips, and sew buttons and they will be shown some simple ways to upcycle T-shirts or other clothes that they bring in. There will be discussion surrounding resource use, finite planet and the importance of looking after what we have.

Two hour repair and upcycling workshop  €325 (max 30)

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