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Pilates Group Classes

Pilates for Health and Relaxation. Join me for a gentle, yet challenging class that is geared towards improving posture, building core strength and increasing your body's range of motion.
Pilates Class

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New Pilates class in Nenagh, designed to improve back health, posture and breathing

This class is perfect for beginners and improvers. It is designed to sort out computer posture, aid healing of lower back issues and help you make full use of your lungs. Of course this class will also be about strengthening, lengthening and relaxation. Modifications are provided for each of the movements so that you can determine which level you want to be challenged at. You will be encouraged to learn how to isolate your core muscles, strengthen your mind-body connection and mobilise your spine and ribs.

Zaneta has been teaching Pilates since 2016, her approach is to always meet the client where they are at on their journey to health. She likes to include a deep relaxation session at the end of each class. Zaneta is also trained to help women who are post-pregnancy who are looking to get strong, as such, she will blend elements of post-partum work with Pilates to help clients establish good breathing and core control.

Classes take place in Nenagh’s New Institute on Friary Street at 18.10 finishing at 19.15 (Perfect if you have kids going to Scouts).

Cost per 6-week term is €60, €55 if your friend signs up too, €11 drop in. Use the Paypal button to secure your place ahead of the class.

Please bring a mat if you have one as there are a limited number available for class use. Pilates mats for sale for €16.

Please use the contact form to get in touch or text me on 0860695920