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Clothing Upcycling and Repair

Learn how to extend the life of your clothes with these easy repair hacks. Sock repair, zipper fixing, hemline changing and upcycling old T-shirts into useful rugs, bags and other garments. No sewing machine or sewing skills required
zip fixing, darning, hand sewing, hem

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This clothing repair worshop will demystify the process of fixing clothes. Learn how to patch jeans with or without a machine, repair a zip slider, hand sew a new zip if the zip’s teeth are compromised, darn your favourite socks or upcycle those old but beloved T-shirts into something useful. A sewing machine will be on hand should you have an item that you specifically want to fix. This workshop will take around three hours with plenty of hands-on demonstrations and stuff to take home. Suitable for team building days, community groups and stag/hen parties. Group sizes of 6 – 10.

Practice materials and T-shirts will be supplied, however if you have old T-shirts that you want to upcycle or garments that need a little fixing, do bring them along.

Use the contact form to organise a Clothes Upcycling and Repair Workshop for your group,  please incude the estimated number of participants and a phone number if you prefer to be contacted by phone.