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The Low Waste Kitchen

This workshop is about sharing low waste hints and tips to make use of everything that gets brought into the kitchen: From veggie peels and bones to bean water and turning milk to almost everything in between. Learn how to turn leftovers into delicious lunches, peels and bones into stocks and a host of other tips to save money on food. This workshop will also look at ways to create less plastic waste in the kitchen
vegetable stock, aquafaba mousse, zero waste

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The low waste kitchen workshop is for those wanting to reduce their environmental impact through making better choices in the shop and the kitchen. Learn how to reuse cooking water, make stock, turn bean water into delicious desserts, make your own hummus and how to easily turn leftovers into new meals so that no food goes to waste. This workshop will take around three hours with plenty of hands-on demonstrations and samples to try. Suitable for team building days, community groups and stag/hen parties. Group size of 6 – 12.

All materials and samples will be supplied, together with PDF recipes for all of the material covered.

Use the contact form to organise a Low Waste Kitchen Workshop for your group,  please incude the estimated number of participants and a phone number if you prefer to be contacted by phone.