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Preserving Nature's Bounty

Learn how to make jams, jellies, cordials, pickles, chutneys and fruit leathers. This workshop is a true celebration of nature's Autumn abundance: Making the most of windfall apples, freshly harvested berries and onions and the joy of spending time in good company while preparing for winter
jelly, cordial, pickle, dehydrated

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The food preservation workshop is about acquiring the skills needed to store food for the winter. Techniques included are dehydration and air drying, jams and jellies, cordials and canning, chutneys and vinegar pickles, and lacto-pickling. This workshop will take around three hours with plenty of hands-on demonstrations and samples to try. Suitable for team building days, community groups and stag/hen parties. A perfect Autumn activity for 6 – 12 people.

All materials and samples will be supplied, together with PDF recipes for all of the material covered.

Use the contact form to organise a Preserves Workshop for your group,  please incude the estimated number of participants and a phone number if you prefer to be contacted by phone.