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Non-toxic, low waste home and body care

This workshop is for people who are looking for alternatives to cleaning products and chemical-laden beauty regimes that are safe, non-toxic and don't come in plastic bottles. It is a practical, hands-on session in which we will make a number of lotions and potions including body scrub, body lotion and laundry liquid. Expect lively discussion and tip sharing too. Perfect afternoon activity for team building, community and Transition Year groups.
laundry liquid, homemade sunblock body lotion

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Using commercial laundry liquid did not enhance my life, it is highly fragranced (I don’t like that) and plastic intensive. When I realised this, I set out to find an alternative that I was happy with. The recipe I now use is cheap, effective and creates very little plastic waste, and it does not smell of anything. Win! This recipe features in my blog, and because I like it so much, it’s making will be demonstrated during the session as will a number of other non-toxic homemade alternatives to commercial lotions, potions and cleaning products.  This workshop will take around three hours with plenty of hands-on demonstrations and samples to try. Suitable for team building days, community groups and stag/hen parties. Group sizes of 6 – 12 catered for.

All materials and samples will be supplied, together with PDF recipes for all of the material covered.

Use the contact form to organise a Home and Bodycare Workshop for your group,  please incude the estimated number of participants and a phone number if you prefer to be contacted by phone.