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Community Groups

Rerooting the Future is rooted in community action and raising awareness of environmental issues. The following workshops have been developed or selected because they meet the needs of community groups. Of course, all other workshops are suitable for adaptation as community events and can be tailored to your group's needs.
Low waste cooking

Guided Foraging Walks

Wild food foraging is about respectfully celebrating and embracing the wild, neglected and uncommon edibles that are in our landscape: From wild garlic and tender Spring greens; the heady flowers of Summer and the bounty of Autumn fruits. Foraging for wild plants sets up a framework for nature connection upon which participants can build a deeper understanding of the natural world. These classes and walks will provide participants with the tools with which to better appreciate the plants that make up our beautiful countryside.

One and a half hour guided foraging walk with wild tea and cookies at a suitable venue close to you. €250 (max 30 people) excl. transport expenses.

Low waste cooking
Resource capture, recycle, earth protection, rerootingthefuture.ie

Low Waste Living, Recycling, Plastic Reduction Talks

Low Waste Living: This talk will encourage participants to start developing a resource capture mindset. Low waste cooking is about using all of the food that is brought into the home in such a way that none of it is wasted and all of the nutrients are captured. Great for communities wanting to talk about how we can reduce food waste. Can include facilitated discussion on community action.

How to Recycle Properly: Is your community confused about what can and cannot be recycled? With the new pay by weight and photo capture scheme being enforced, people are looking for ways to reduce black bin waste and at the same time comply with recycling bin rules.  Discussion and tip sharing will be encouraged. Can include a facilitated discussion on community action or waste reduction.

Shop Smart to Reduce Waste: This talk shares tips and information on how we as individuals can reduce our environmental impact by shopping smarter, consuming less and still maintain a good quality of life. Many of these tips will save you money. Talk can include a facilitated discussion on how to lobby local shops to help your town take steps to becoming plastic free.

Between one and two-hour talks at your venue: €125 excl. transport expenses

Zip repair, buttons, clothing upcycling

Easy Clothes Repair and Upcycling Workshop

Most zip problems are super easy to fix when you know how, buttons are easy to replace and darning skills can be acquired. This workshop will challenge people to rethink the throw-away culture that we live in. Participants will learn how to fix zips,  sew buttons and they will be shown some simple ways to upcycle T-shirts or other clothes that they bring in. There will be discussion surrounding resource use, finite planet and the importance of looking after what we have.

Two-hour repair and upcycling workshop  €325 (max 30 participants)

Spoon carving, green woodwork, rerootingthefuture.ie/crafting
nature prints, crafting outdoors, rerootingthefuture.ie

Craft Workshops

Spoon Carving Workshop: Fun, green woodworking workshop with Dee Synnott. Dee is a knowledgeable and patient teacher, having delivered this workshop in the past to both adults and children. Dee will teach knife safety, carving skills and wood selection. Two to three-hour workshop at your venue.

Nature Prints: This workshop should ideally start outdoors where participants collect interesting textures from nature. These will then be used in two printing processes: Relief prints and fabric prints. Two to three-hour workshop at your venue.

Christmas Crafts: Learn how to make a Christmas wreath and decorations using mainly natural materials. Fun group activity to get you in the mood for Christmas. Two to three-hour workshop at your venue.

Origami: Learn the ancient craft of paper folding with the wonderful and patient Margaret Synnott. Her knowledge of the craft is broad, from simple animals to hugely complex and intricate designs. This workshop is sure to inspire and fascinate, perfect for any time of the year.

Craft workshops are for a maximum of 20 participants. Workshop cost is €400, materials included, though transport expenses are extra.

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