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Corporate Team Building Activities

Not the usual team building activity. The workshops in this selection provide scope for team building, collaborative problem solving and discussion while learning interesting, useful tips and practical know-how that can be applied in participants' home and personal lives. Most of the workshops can be delivered on or off site at a mutually agreed upon venue should your group wish to get away for a few hours. Use the form below to get in contact.
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Guided Foraging Walks and Wild Food Workshops

Wild food foraging is about respectfully celebrating and embracing the wild, neglected and uncommon edibles that are in our landscape: From wild garlic and tender Spring greens; the heady flowers of Summer and the bounty of Autumn fruits. Foraging for wild plants sets up a framework for nature connection upon which participants can build a deeper understanding of the natural world. These classes and walks will provide participants with the tools with which to better appreciate the plants that make up our beautiful countryside. There will be plenty of opportunities for team bonding, and shared learning experiences.

Basic foraging package (90mins) somewhere pretty and verdant with wild tea and cookies (max 30 participants)

Basic foraging package + wild drinks demo and workshop in a pleasant outdoor setting  2.5- 3 hours (min 10, max 20 participants)

Basic foraging package + wild food cooking demo and workshop off site. 2.5- 3 hours: (min 10, max 20 participants)

low waste cooking zero waste no food waste

The Low Waste Kitchen

This workshop will equip participants with a resource capture mindset. Low waste cooking is about using all of the food that is brought into the home in such a way that none of it is wasted and all of the nutrients are captured. This mindset helps reduce food waste, saves money, encourages creativity in the kitchen and builds personal resourcefulness. This workshop will deal with making stock, creating magnificent dishes using unexpected by-products and exploring ways to repurpose often wasted ingredients. Participants will work together to create strategies for reducing food waste at home.

Two to three hour workshop  (minimum 6, maximum 12 participants)

sauerkraut, fermented pickles vinegar rerootingthefuture.ie

Introduction to Fermented Foods (Wild and Cultured)

This fermentation workshop has been designed to showcase the easiest and most healthful ferments (and some not so healthful, because we can’t be good all the time!). Fermented food has undergone a process by which microorganisms convert sugars into B vitamins and probiotics that feed and nourish the gut flora. This is a hands-on workshop, complete with cultures to take home, samples to try and recipes. Your group will get the chance to work together to make a range of fermented items, there will be time for discussion and problem solving.

Two to three hour workshop. (minimum 6, maximum 12 participants)

hair, body and home care rerootingthfuture.ie

Homemade Body Products and Intro to Eco-friendly Home Care

This workshop is for people who are looking for alternatives to cleaning products and beauty regimes that are safe, non-toxic and don’t come in plastic bottles. It is a practical, hands-on session in which we will make a number of lotions and potions including body scrub, body lotion, BB cream among others. Expect lively discussion and tip sharing too. Perfect afternoon activity for Autumn and Winter. This is a hands-on workshop, complete with potions to take home, samples to try and recipes. Your group will get the chance to work together to make a range of home and body care products.

Two to three hour workshop. (minimum 6, maximum 12 participants)

Zip repair, buttons, clothing upcycling rerootingthefuture.ie

Easy Clothes Repair and Upcycling

Most zip problems are super easy to fix when you know how, buttons are easy to replace and darning skills can be acquired. This workshop will challenge the partipant to rethink the throw-away culture that we live in. They will learn how to fix zips, sew buttons and get creative upcycling T-shirts or other clothes that they bring in. There will be discussion and collaborative activities surrounding resource use, finite planet and the importance of looking after what we have.

Two hour repair and upcycling workshop (minimum 6, max 12 participants)


Retreats are a great way to spend time with your colleagues in a non-work related environment. This time can be used for building trust, resovling conflict, finding better ways to work together or just get energised about being a team. Let our experienced team create and facilitate the structure in which this bonding can take place. Click on the picture to find more information on our retreats and view our sample itinerary for a Lambay Island retreat.

Submersive two or three day team building workshop (minimum 6, max 12 participants)


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