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Pilates and Postnatal Recovery

Strength, mobility and flexibility. Pilates is about building strong connections between the brain and the body. With practice, it will improve your posture, strengthen weak core muscles, improve overall muscle tone and help prevent back injury. It is adaptable to the needs of each individual, and just about everyone would benefit from practicing it. I believe that it is a useful tool for creating and maintaining a strong, resilient body. All of the Pilates classes offered here are delivered by fully trained and qualified professionals. A Postpartum Correction Exercise Specialist can help women with their recovery from pregnancy and childbirth by setting the body up for maximal healing through the use of specific exercises. This program is useful for helping the body to heal diastasis, urinary incontinence, pelvic floor issues and SI joint pain. This service is suitable for women who are between 6 weeks and 40 years postpartum. We currently offer this service as one to one tuition.

I have been attending Zaneta’s Pilates classes once a week since last October. I look forward to these hour long classes immensely and can never quite believe it when each one is over.Time seems to be suspended and my mind becomes completely absorbed in the exercises. I walk home with a spring in my step and feeling taller and (quite possibly) thinner!

It feels good to be paying attention to my body which, after all, does so much work to allow me to be in the world every day.

Zaneta makes sure that everyone goes at a pace that is comfortable for them. Everyone has permission to stop what they are doing at any time. She gives us all great attention and can always provide an alternative exercise if required.

The class finishes with a short relaxation session which we all enjoy. Zaneta’s soothing voice talks us through this and then brings us back gently to the present moment.

After the class, I feel so glad that I have given myself this time. Somehow all the little worries that have been with me earlier in the day have slipped away. The class leaves me feeling better in body and mind and ready for the week ahead.



Zaneta gives Pilates classes, which focus on relaxation and health. Whilst under her tutelage I have found a significant improvement in my mental and physical health, and a greater ability to manage stress.

I believe Zaneta’s methods would be of particular benefit to Leaving Cert students. I know from personal experience that many sixth years give up their other activities in the lead up to the exams and leave themselves without a means of switching off, relaxing, and managing stress levels. I am a person particularly given to putting a lot of pressure on myself to reach high academic achievements and I know the price that one can pay for this, in terms of health and well being.

I highly recommend Zaneta’s classes and I think they would be extremely helpful to Leaving Cert students.