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Private crafting and nature retreats

Arrange to spend a few days with us in the hills. We currently offer workshops in greenwood bowl turning and spoon carving, natural dyeing, origami, wedding band making, cheese making, wild food foraging and cooking
owls, tipperary hills, wild places

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These by-arrangement days are perfect for those wishing to learn a few new skills or even just escape to the countryside for a few days. Accommodation is in a large bell tent that could comfortably sleep five. It has a wood stove, platform, rugs, furniture and beds. We can supply eggs and milk for breakfast, soup, bread and salads for lunch and the evening meal can be collaboratively foraged and cooked.

Our current list of workshops includes: Choose what you want to do in depth or have a taste of each

  • Bowl turning and spoon carving (spoon carving is suitable for kids aged 10 and over)
  • Natural dyeing and eco-prints (outdoor fires, yarn, dyes from plants)
  • Outdoor crafts
  • Goat milking and basic cheese making. (one milking goat)
  • Origami (suitable for accompanied children)
  • Foraging walks, cooking with wild ingredients, learning to identify the edible and the toxic
  • Fermentation 101 (kimchi, sauerkraut, wine, mead, yoghurt)
  • Jewelry (surcharge added for cost of materials, make earrings or your own wedding bands)





  • 1 person, 2 days (1-2 nights) €250
  • 2 people sharing, 2 days (1-2 nights) €350
  • each extra person sharing (up to 5 people) €75
  • Family (most kids under 15) €500

Wedding ring package: 2 people, one day one night €300 includes the cost of the silver and the forge. There is the option of melting in any sentimental gold pieces into the mix to make a unique alloy. Stay on for an extra day for €100