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What Rerooting the Future Can Offer You

Individual: Rerooting the Future will from time to time have foraging or workshop events that anyone is welcome to attend. Keep an eye on the website for upcoming events or sign up for an email alert when events become public. Over on the blog, Zaneta writes about foraging, low waste living, fermented foods, thoughts on all sorts of topics and recipes.

Corporate: We offer fun, compelling experiences to the employees of our corporate clients. Experiences that would help with team building while at the same time allowing the occasion to learn some interesting, useful skills. We specialise in providing workshops to small group sizes, this way we can fully ensure that no one is left behind. Team building events are built into the chosen workshop through collaborative problem solving or collective decision making. We also provide relaxing, yet active team building retreats on beautiful, mysterious Lambay Island (think foraging, collaborative cooking, mixology, crafting) and foraging events for larger groups or corporate social clubs.

Community group: If your community group is looking for a speaker to talk and create discussion about recycling, upcycling and waste reduction, do get in touch. We can provide your community group with a plan on how to make your community greener and disseminate these ideas to the wider community through local activism. We also offer foraging walks and crafts workshops.

School: With a very keen understanding that today’s young people represent the future of our species and the fate of our planet, we have developed a number of workshops. These have been designed to equip secondary school children with some of the skills needed in order to live well, responsibly and on a budget when they leave school. Low waste cooking, small budget meal planning and basic clothes repair are all skills that save money and reduce our resource use without compromising on their quality of life. All of these workshops are designed to get participants to think about their relationship to stuff and to introduce students to the politics of stuff.

Public Events

Recent Events

TCD Green Week

Trinity College Dublin’s Environmental Society had me over on the 21st of February to deliver a workshop on alternative uses for food waste. We chatted about the science behind fermentation, made kimchi, demonstrated ways to use orange peels and pineapple peels. loads of interesting discussion was had, thanks to all who turned up and to TCD Environmental Soc of having me over.

Trees on the Land tree planting day 9 Feb

Thank you to everyone who came along and helped us plant 600+ native trees. Please come back and visit the forest in a few years! Thank you!!!

UCD Green Week

On the 7th of Feb, I had the privilege of being allowed to share some alternative ideas for food waste to a wonderful group of students. I demonstrated some of the many foody and non-foody things that can be done with citrus peels, pineapple skins, fruit scraps and spare milk. Thank you so much for the invite (Stepanka and Fiona) and thanks to UCD BioSoc for hosting it and helping out. I look forward to doing it again in TCD on the 21st of Feb.